Four km along the road from Vrontou to Agia Kori having passed the crossroads for Agia Triada and Palaia Vrontou there is a forested road (13.5 km) on the right which leads to Arapi Stream. Begin the route essentially keeping to the road for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes without stops and keeping Agia Kori Stream on the right until the point where the road descends prior to crossing the stream.

Route of medium difficulty

Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

There is a path which reaches this point and crosses the road many times and is worth taking in order to shorten the route. On the right the old road ascends steeply, take this for 10-15 minutes to an arrow on the left pointing towards “nero” (water) and a path leading to Mastorouli spring (970 m) after a few minutes hike.

During the hot season this spring is dry. Continue along the old road which has extremely steep sections until it almost reaches the end at the stream. A few m before this take the path on the right which also intersects with the stream but much further upstream. From Mastorouli to here takes approximately 50-60 minutes.
Cross the stream and continue along the path on the other side which is not very clearly defined, with the exception of a few red markings which prove quite helpful.
Continue through the large but sparse Bosnian pines for approximately 35-40 minutes until the path reaches an open saddle where it continues towards the south on the flat for a few minutes until Arapi Stream and higher the peak of Skourta (2.485 m). At this point descend for 5-10 minutes along the stream staying as close to the rock and as far left as possible.
Continue along the path to the right and in 10-15 minutes the path arrives at Kleftovrysi (1.380 m) just beyond Arapi Stream which dries up during the hot months.