This route has a good deal of ascents and descents and due to the low altitude is highly suitable for the winter season. The route begins from the Krevatia Vrontous Refuge (950 m) and from here there is an old path which descends towards Agia Triada Stream passing immediately below Barbalas peak and after about an hour hike arrives at the Agia Triada Stream. It is a wonderful route with a view of the high peaks and over the canyon.

Relatively easy route

Duration (h)                                                    
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

It is a relatively easy hike and passes through a stunning forest accompanied by the relaxing sound of flowing waters though there is a section that passes through burnt forest that needs some care. After the stream, ascend immediately to the right and the path reaches the river and continues on the opposite side and after five minutes reaches a fork. The path to the left leads down to Agia Triada and to the right leads up to Papa Aloni (1.100 m) after about a 40-minute hike.

Papa Aloni is a clearing at the top of a peak where tradition has it a priest was assaulted and it is from this priest that the surrounding area takes its name.
Returning by the same route to the fork in the path, take the right which now descends towards Agia Triada. After about 30 minutes there is an old path on the left which descends towards the waterfalls (15-20 minute hike). This path is not very well cleared and needs a great deal of care. Should this diversion be taken the respective amount of time should be added to the total needed for the hike.
Continuing along the main path and after about 15 minutes there is another wide path on the left which leads to the stream after a 10 minute hike. Follow the path up for 15 minutes to the canyon of waterfalls. Heading back down the main path from the fork and after 30 minutes the path arrives at Spilies (570 m) and continuing on from here and in approximately 35 minutes is the mouth of the stream opposite Agia Triada and the road to Vrontou.