Five km along the forested road between Petra and Kokkinopilos there is a road on the left which is closed off with a bar. This area is called Bara. Take this road and continue for a further 10 km and it arrives at Naoum Stream.

Dangerous route

Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

The road cuts the stream across and passes under the small caves. Leave the car here and continue on foot taking the path which follows the line of the stream. It is a stunning route through wild natural beauty and provides an unusual view of the high peaks.

After crossing the stream the route arrives at Kazania where there is an old path which passes beneath the high peaks and a newer path marked in yellow paint on the rocks which leads directly to Portes (2.700 m). Take either of these paths which both require a good deal of care and are similar in difficulty to the ascent through Louki to Mytikas.