This is a difficult route and many sections are unmarked. On the forested road of the previous two routes (No 17-18) eight km after the crossroads for Bara (or two km before reaching Naoum Stream), there is a road on the left.

Difficult route

Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

Here the road meets a stream and immediately after the turn in the stream park the car and take the footpath on the left of the road. After a few minutes hike the path opens onto a large clearing known as Patralexi.

Cross the clearing heading in the direction of Papa Rachi keeping Karaiskini Stream to the right. On re-entering the forest take the path which is marked and ends at Karaiskini spring.

Follow this path to a rocky edge on the left hand side and here turn left onto a narrow very steep and almost unnoticeable path which follows the base of this edge on the right hand side. Keeping the rocky edge to the left and Karaiskini Stream to the right in about one hour the path arrives at Papa Rachi.

Follow the red markings at Papa Rachi which lead to Muses Plateau after a hike of around three hours. This route is quite tiring due to the scree and steepness and essentially there is no clear path. It can also be used as a return route by ascending to Muses Plateau from Naoum Stream as the two starting points for the routes are close (around 2 km by road or a 25 minute hike).