Olympus National Park Regulations

Entrance to the National Park is permitted only along existing routes from sunrise to sunset and straying from the marked pathways is forbidden.

The following is prohibited:

  Entrance of children under 14 without a guide.

  Parking outside the allocated parking areas.

  Cutting down trees, removal of soil, collecting bushes, plants or seeds.

  lighting of fire and outdoor camping.

  Hunting of any type of animal by any means year round.

  Destruction or collection of nests, eggs or hatchlings and generally the disturbance and destruction of types of fauna.

  Causing damage to geological formations.

 Unleashed pets of any kind.

  Olympus National Park is protected by special legislation. The following legislative decrees apply to offenders of the law: Legislative Decree 86/1969, Legislative Decree 996/1971, and Laws 177/1975, 998/1979, 1650/1986, 2742/1999 and 3044/2002.