Projects EPEAEK

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION. The Olympus National Park Management Agency implements also a project regarding Environmental Education for students and teachers in the Protected Area Olympus National Park, which has a budget of 21.250 . The project is funded by the program EPEAEK II, under the category of acts 2.6.1. PROJECTS IN PROTECTED AREAS OF NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

Our aim is that children get to know nature, and specifically the highest mountain in Greece, Olympus. For this reason an exploratory way of approach was selected, concerning activities that rotate mainly in the field of natural sciences and are based on the fact that the relationship of modern humans with what we call Nature becomes increasingly distant or limited. During their visits students come closer to nature and derive pleasure from that contact. We undertake tours and activities appropriate to their age, which look like a game, in our effort to help them adopt attitudes and values that will ensure environmental protection and sustainable management. The project aims through the activities suggested in the education package, that students become familiar with the significant biodiversity and the particular characteristics in the Protected Area Olympus National Park.