Information - Εnvironmental Αwareness

With the aim of informing the general public and raising societal awareness on the protection and conservation of Olympus National Park, the Management Agency carries out a variety of actions, focusing primarily:

  Οn the operation of the Olympus National Park Information Center and other visitor info points in the protected area,

Τhe delivery of guided tours and environmental awareness activities,

Αs well as the organization and participation in environmental and cultural events, workshops, seminars and other educational initiatives.


Environmental Monitoring

As part of the management of the protected elements of its area of responsibility, Olympus National Park Management Agency carries out actions aimed at the collection and processing of environmental data and information.

In particular, Olympus National Park Management Agency implements monitoring programs on habitats, flora, avifauna, mammals, amphibians / reptiles and invertebrates, focusing primarily on protected species of European Community Interest and other important species (eg. endemic, threatened, etc.).

The data collected is used in the context of national reporting, towards the fulfillment of European Union obligations for the assessment of the conservation status of species, as well as in the proposal and adoption of management measures at the local level.


Τhe Olympus National Park Management Agency carries out surveillance and patrolling of the area, in order to preserve its biotic and abiotic parameters and resources. More specifically, it investigates illegal logging of forest trees, illegal hunting, illegal transport of flora and fauna species, forest fires, waste dumping, etc. For this reason, it cooperates with other competent services (Forestry Service, Fire Brigade, etc.) and also informs visitors about the existing protection measures.