Olympus is a biodiversity hotspot for butterflies in Greece, as approximately 155 species have been recorded to date, from a total of the 23913 Greek species. Moreover, it is a habitat for invertebrates of European Community interest and importance such as: Parnassius apollo, Zerynthia polyxena, Morimus funereus, Lucanus cervus, Cerambyx cerdo, Parnassius mnemosyne and Buprestis splendens.

As invertebrates are among the lesser studied taxa of Olympus, each year new species are recorded through monitoring actions and added to the site’s species list. Indicatively, 275 species of invertebrates were recorded during 2013-2016, out of which 24 species were considered significant or belonged to some kind of protection regime14,7,8. As research progresses in this group, an increase is expected both in the number of total species as well in the number of important species.

Important Invertebrate Species

1Anax imperatorP.D. 67/198115
2Boloria diaP.D. 67/1981
3Buprestis splendensAnnex ΙΙ - 92/43/EE
4Cerambyx cerdoAnnex ΙΙ - 92/43/EE
5Charaxes jasiusP.D. 67/1981
6Erebia melasP.D. 67/1981
7Erynnis marloyiEndangered 16
8Gonepteryx rhamniP.D. 67/1981
9Hemianax ephippigerP.D. 67/1981
10Lathrobium olympicumEndemic 14
11Lucanus cervusAnnex ΙΙ - 92/43/EE
12Lycaena ottomanusEndangered 16
13Lycaena thersamonEndangered 16
14Morimus funereusAnnex ΙΙ 92/43/EE
15Muschampia tesselumP.D. 67/1981
16Parnassius apolloAnnex ΙV - 92/43/ΕE, P.D. 67/1981
17Parnassius mnemosyneAnnex ΙV - 92/43/EE, P.D. 67/1981
18Pieris erganeP.D. 67/1981
19Plebejus pylaonVulnerable 17
20Poecilimon thessalicusEndemic 1
21Polyommatus ripartiiP.D. 67/1981
22Spialia phlomidisP.D. 67/1981
23Trichius sexualisEndangered 18
24Zerynthia polyxenaAnnex ΙΙ - 92/43/EE