Archaeological Park of Leivithra

The Park of Leivithra, inspired by the nature, the myth and the history of Olympus, introduces an alternative way of development aiming at an active connection between the past and the present focusing on the everyday life of antiquity. Its main aim, is successfully achieved through the structures, the exhibitions, the publications, the workshops and the cultural events of the Park.

It is located at the SE border of the archaeological site of Leivithra next to Mount Olympus. It extends on an area of 67 acres ceded by the Ministry of Rural Development to the Ministry of Culture. The thematic park aims to a cognitive and experiential contact of the visitor with ancient Leivithra and the wider area of Olympus, as well as with everyday life in antiquity. It has a pedagogical – ‘recreational’ purpose, achieved through educational programs, workshops and cultural events, utilizing the natural and cultural heritage of the Olympus area.

It consists of three thematic areas:

  Educational – ‘Recreational’ area

  Flora and myths

  Forest improvement

The Park of Leivithra is friendly to people with disabilities.
The entrance is free. Opening hours 08:00 to 15:00 with appointment.
At the weekends the park is open only for scheduled educational programs.

e-mail: | Tel.: 23510 53206 | 23510 47883 | 23520 33884