On the road from Vrontou village towards Agia Kori after about 4 km there is a crossroad with a turning to the right with an asphalt road which makes a steep descent towards Agia Triada and Palaia Vrontou. Taking this turning after a few minutes there is a sign for Agia Triada and shortly after that the stone churchyard of Agia Triada church appears (400 m). It should be noted that there are no water springs on this route.

Route of medium difficulty

Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

After the altitude measure of 770 m on the right in the forest is a path that leads to Karoutia spring with a hike of about 20 minutes, a considerable diversion from the route.
Krevatia is a large plateau and the route to reach it takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes through a sparse forest. At 950 m there is a refuge and the path to this point is uphill, but relatively easy.

Immediately above the refuge take the path along the ridge through the stunning pine forest keeping Agia Triada Stream on the left. Follow the path for 2.5-3 hours following the red arrows along the route until it arrives at Barbalas peak (1.841 m). It is quite a steep ascent and the path is not very clearly defined, but the view to the high peaks and Pieria Plain is well worth it. From Barbalas it is possible to continue the route along the difficult ascent of Papa Rachi to Muses Plateau.