Fourteen km along the Litochoro – Prionia road a narrow road leads off to the right which ends at a parking area. This location is called Gortsia and from here a wide path starts which leads to Muses Plateau and the refuges Christos Kakkalos and Giosos Apostolidis. Two thirds of the route passes though amazing forest while the rest is though an alpine landscape with low vegetation.

Route of medium difficulty

Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

Prior to beginning the ascent it is essential to stock up on water supplies as there is no spring along the route with a reliable flow of water. There are two springs one at Strango and another in the forest of beech trees, however to reach these sources demands a diversion from the central path of 10 to 15 minutes. The first recognisable point of the route is a flat area which is called Barba.

Continuing on from here and for some time the route passes through a forest of beech trees and after ascending for a while along a ridge, there is a cement water tank. Take a short diversion to the left at the water tank for ten minutes to visit the cave that for many years was home to Vasilis Ithakisios, the great artist of Olympus.

Continuing along the main path at 2000 m is Petrostrouga where impressive age-old Bosnian pine trees can be seen. Continuing up for some way the path reaches Skourta peak (2485 m) where the alpine landscape begins and there is a stunning view in all directions.

It is from this point that a very narrow ridge called Laimos (neck) begins and leads to Muses Plateau where the path separates into two. The left fork of the path leads to Christos Kakkalos Refuge after about a 30-minute hike while the right fork leads to Giosos Apostolidis Refuge after about a 40-minute hike. Using the refuges as a base it is the ideal location from which to make short climbs to the peaks of Toumba (2.801 m) and Profitis Ilias (2.803 m). It is also a good spot from which to climb to the high peaks of Mount Olympus by taking the path at the base of Stefani which leads to Zonaria.