In Larissa Prefecture after Sparmos village on the way to Kryovrysi there is a road which begins and heads through the forest for 17 km ending in the area called Vrysopoules. This is the location of the Military Alpine Combat and Ski Training Centre. Refuge «Vrysopoules KEOAX» is located immediately above the military base at an altitude of 1.805 m.


Relatively easy route


Duration (h)
Altitudinal difference (m)
Length (m)

A path starts here and initially directly follows the pylons of the ski centre until it reaches Necessity Refuge (2.450 m) and continues on the left side of Agios Antonios peak ending at the saddle between the peaks of Agios Antonios (2817 m) and Skolio (2.911 m).

Turn to the left and head straight towards Skolio. It is considered an easy route for quick access to the peaks especially in the winter; however it is through a bare, treeless alpine landscape.

Another easy route starting out from the military base (KEOAX) is that towards Diakopti which takes approximately 2 hours with an altitudinal difference of 740 m. The peak is visible and due to the lack of vegetation this route is not particularly interesting.